Time for the Easter Bunny Visit! Don’t forget to look after your teeth!

Time for the Easter Bunny Visit! Don’t forget to look after your teeth!

Easter is a wonderful time for family and friends, and celebration. 

Amongst the celebration, chocolate consumption also increases. The key thing to remember while we enjoy our sweet treats during this time is to “ Eat in moderation, and be sensible”


So here are some tips on how we can do this and  keep our teeth and mouth healthy over this holiday period.


  • Eating your chocolates immediately after your meal is far better than eating in between meals. While eating your meal, the mouth produces saliva to digest the food, this increased saliva production helps neutralise the acidic pH in your mouth caused by food. 
  • Remember to rinse your mouth with water after eating chocolates, again this helps cleanse and protect our teeth from acid attack.
  • Swish, Spit and don’t Rinse technique when brushing, allows for fluoride to remain on the teeth topically, this minimises the development of dental decay. 
  • Remember to maintain good daily oral hygiene. Brushing twice daily with soft bristle toothbrush and flossing daily 
  • Don’t forget to visit your dentist regularly

Looking for a family and kids friendly dentist around Burleigh Heads to Brunswick Heads, come and visit Smile Street Dental implant centre at Coolangatta & Murwillumbah and see our fun dentist & oral health therapist. 


At Smile Street, we aim to make dental visits fun, and educational for kids. You might even catch sight of the ‘Tooth Fairy’ at your child’s appointment. She’s never short of gifts for her little visitors. 


Ask our friendly staff about the The Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme, which covers eligible children for $1000 in dental treatment over a 2 year period. Take advantage of this wonderful scheme. 

Call now and book in for a sparkly experience!

Article by Luximi Sivabalan (Oral Health Therapist)


Dr Luximi Sivabalan Dentist in Coolangatta

Luximi Sivabalan  Oral Health Therapist  – Smile Street.
Luximi is a University of Sydney Graduate in Oral Health Therapy. Luximi completed her Adult Scope in 2019. Luximi has a passion for the well being and health of the wider community, promoting and educating in oral health awareness across various platforms. Luximi is a keen advocate for prevention over cure and works within this philosophy. Aside from her career, Luximi’s love and joy is derived from spending time with her beautiful family, including her husband, three gorgeous children and their Cavoodle. Luximi foresees her future to be enriched with further education in the oral health field, to continue to expand her knowledge and understanding such that she can continue to provide quality care for the community. Ireland.

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