Frequently asked dental & oral health questions

At Smile Street, we know having dental treatments can be a complicated process and you may have many questions. Our friendly staff at either our Coolangatta or Murwillumbah clinics will be happy to answer any of these for you.  

We have also compiled a list of some of our most commonly received queries below for your quick reference. Please phone us if you require any more information.

Of course! At Smile Street, we accept patients of all ages. Our team is very welcoming and make sure your child is comfortable and happy throughout the appointment. We even supply Myobrace® products designed specifically to provide non-invasive orthodontic treatment to children as young as 5 years old.

Smile Street supports most payment assistance schemes including Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme (up to $1000), Department of Veteran’s Affairs and NSW Health Vouchers. Most health insurance policies include dental extras which cover 2 check-ups and cleans per year.

Our qualified dentists recommend seeing your dentist at least once every six months. If you have a pre-existing condition, or have high-risk factors for oral health (diabetes, smoking etc.), we suggest increasing the frequency of your check-ups.

Children should see a dentist at least once a year. However, if they are having problems with their developing adult teeth, more sessions may be required to ensure there are no further oral health issues in the future.

Yes, regardless of if you can feel food stuck in-between your teeth it is a good idea gently floss around each tooth, including your back molars. This is especially important for people with previous significant dental work, such as crowns, bridges or fillings.

The best way to calculate the total time spent brush is to allow 10 seconds for each tooth. At minimum we recommend to spend 2 minutes brushing, and 5 minutes at most.