Why we are your Best Choice

If you’ve had the same dentist since your first cavity or filling you might not know what makes one dentist different from the rest. But when you come in for your dental check up with us the difference is hard to miss! Our team at Smile Street is excited to show you a better quality dental experience you’ll want to tell your friends and family about! Following are our guiding principles that we believe makes us your invariable first choice – first time and every time!

Meet Our Team

Dr Ramesh Sivabalan enjoys all aspects of general dentistry. In particular, he gains satisfaction in introducing patients to minimally invasive dentistry and patients succeeding through it. Dr Sivabalan strongly believes that patient education is paramount to sustainable oral health. Dr Ramesh endeavours to empower his patients through understanding, and finds by doing so patients value and care for their treatment and teeth in a noticeable way.

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